We would like to invite you to the second WINTER EDU EVENING that will take place on 24th January 6 - 8:30 pm in ZŠ Duhovka, Nad Kajetánkou 9, Praha 6. There will be 5 topics: Self-harm, Gender identity, Mindfulness in a child's life, We don't understand each other and Montessori at home (25th January 5 - 6:30 pm, MŠ Duhovka, Pevnostní, Prague 6).

The idea of EDU evenings for teachers, parents and the general public was born within the Duhovka in eMotion project, which we started this August with a series of workshops for all Duhovka employees. The theme was mental health care and the whole meeting was very enriching not only in its content but also in the sharing and time spent together. And it is exactly this experience that we would now like to offer to a wider audience. 

Duhovka has many experts and inspiring personalities in its community, and we hope that you will enjoy the EDU evenings and that they will become a regular part of Duhovka's life. 

We will be glad if you come to the event and invite your relatives, friends, teachers. Everyone who might find the topics .

Price: 950 CZK 

We look forward to seeing you.

Your Duhovka Institute