Early Childhood (2.5-6)

Early Childhood (2.5-6)

About the course

The Early Childhood certificate course is a journey into Montessori theory and principles that will prepare you with the knowledge, reflection and guidance to meet the needs of each child and their holistic development.

A unique opportunity to study in the environment of the AMS accredited schools with 12-year tradition. 

Graduates will earn an Early Childhood credential from the American Montessori Society.

Key benefits of our Montessori Programs


Encouraging Work-Life Balance

The program is designed to weave into your life, providing opportunities for growth both in your workplace and personal life.

AMS Quality & Tradition

Courses are led by certified AMS Montessori professionals with decades of experience working in Montessori environments around the world.

International Environment

Authentic bilingual Montessori classrooms in Lab Schools in Prague.

Integrated Experience Based Learning

Blending theory and hands-on learning in carefully prepared Montessori environments with discussions, group work, online workshops and digital elements.

Early Childhood 2.5-6, Prague

Early Childhood 2.5-6, Prague
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Program Director: Jennifer Varbanov
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Onsite & Online blended course
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Place: Duhovka Preschool, Prague
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Start: June 30th, 2024
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Course Length: June 30, 2024 - July 6, 2025
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Course content:

  • 12 modules
  • 361 Academic hours
  • 540 Practicum hours
Price: EUR 5 980
  • Application fee: EUR 200 (This non-refundable fee is submitted with the application.)

The course tuition above includes:

  • Tuition fee: 5500 EUR (Must be paid before the beginning of the first summer training.)
  • AMS and MACTE Fees: 480 EUR
  • On-site and online training sessions with AMS-qualified instructors
  • Online courses (self-study)

What else we offer:

  • AMS Manuals: EUR 150
  • Group discounts available
  • Free access to any training session as a refresher after graduation (if training site capacity allows)

Online information session

Applicants who would like to learn more information about our programs, time schedule, content, and outcomes can register for an online meeting with our Director, please contact us: info@duhovkainstitut.cz

What you will study

Studying our course will provide opportunities for personal growth, not only preparing you for your profession but also for gaining deeper awareness and gratitude towards humanity and the many gifts in the Universe.

Academic phase

Classwork will include a combination of presentation, theory, and hands-on experience during supervised lab work. The academic part of the program is complemented by distance learning courses within these areas:

  • Montessori Philosophy and Theory (34 hrs)
  • Child Development and Theory (30 hrs)
  • Observation 8 in-class hours + 20 documented (28 hrs)
  • Practical Life l. (41 hrs)
  • Sensorial (41 hrs)
  • Math (37 hrs)
  • Language (37 hrs)
  • Humanities - Art, Music, Drama, and Movement (24 hrs)
  • Cultural and Natural Science Topics include Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry, Earth Science, Geography, and History (33 hrs)
  • Management for Montessori Teachers (11 hrs)
  • FLL - Foreign Language Learning (8 hrs)
  • Practicum Seminar and Yearlong Project (32 hrs)

Practicum phase

The practicum experience is crucial for the transformation of a Montessori teacher. Practicum can be done in a classroom with a Supervising Teacher or can be Self Directed. Observations and discussions with our experienced Field Supervisor will give the Interns support as they work toward Practicum completion. Two major projects are developed during the Practicum.

The Practicum consists of at least 540 hours during a minimum of 1 school year in a classroom fulfilling AMS standards.

Duhovka Institute Instructors

  • Register on our website and pay the registration fee
  • After payment, you will receive a Student Handbook with all the information and a link to the Application Form by email
  • Complete the Application Form
  • Submit the Application with the required documents
  • If you have any questions, please email us at info@duhovkainstitut.cz or use the contact form
  • Program application
  • Professional resume
  • Motivation letter
  • University transcript
  • English language at an advanced level (at least B1 level according to CEFR)

Duhovka Institute Accreditation, registered by Ministry of Education