Early Childhood Overview

Early Childhood Overview

The Early Childhood Overview course is a professionally guided introduction to the essential elements and values of the Early Childhood Montessori environment through the exploration of didactic materials.

It is recommended for those interested in the Montessori method:

  • Teachers who want to start a new career path
  • Parents who would like to learn educational activities to share with their child
  • Assistants who are new to Montessori
  • Anyone who would simply like a taste of how Montessori philosophy is a unique comprehensive learning experience for children.

Through taking this course, you will learn more about the values and philosophy of Montessori education, to see if it well aligns with your own expectations.

The course is in English.

Key benefits of our Montessori Programs


Encouraging Work-Life Balance

The program is designed to weave into your life, providing opportunities for growth both in your workplace and personal life.

AMS Quality & Tradition

Courses are led by certified AMS Montessori professionals with decades of experience working in Montessori environments around the world.

International Environment

Authentic bilingual Montessori classrooms in Lab Schools in Prague.

Integrated Experience Based Learning

Blending theory and hands-on learning in carefully prepared Montessori environments with discussions, group work, online workshops and digital elements.

AMS Online EC Overview

AMS Online EC Overview
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Program Director: Jennifer Varbanov
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Online course + 6 live online sessions
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Place: Online in EN
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Start: Anytime
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Course Length: 40 hours
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Course content:

  • 8 modules
  • 40 Academic hours
  • 6 Practicum hours
Price: EUR 399

What you will study

The course is divided into eight modules:

  • Module 0: Instruction to Course
  • Module 1: Philosophy
  • Module 2: Child Development
  • Module 3: Observation
  • Module 4: Practical Life
  • Module 5: Sensorial Area
  • Module 6: Mathematics
  • Module 7: Language
  • Module 8: Cosmic

Each module has supplementary videos and reading exercises, in addition to instructor guided videos.

Live Online Lessons

With the course Adult Learners will also get 6 Live Online Lessons with AMS certified instructor and the Early Childhood expert, Jennifer Varbanov.

Montessori Certificate

You will get a Duhovka Certificate of completion at the end of your course. If you are thinking about joining the main full-diploma training, the assignments listed throughout this course will be thoroughly examined by the instructor at the appropriate time, to ensure that you are credited for the 40 hours spent learning online.

The course fulfills the compulsory pre-requisite to the AMS Elementary and Toddler certificate course for participants who do not hold an approved Early Childhood credential.

Online Montessori Course Instructor

Duhovka Institute Accreditation, registered by Ministry of Education