Be kindly invited to the first EDU Evening on Nov 22nd. The idea of EDU evenings for teachers, parents and the general public was born within the Duhovka in eMotion project, which we started this August with a series of workshops for all Duhovka employees. The theme was mental health care and we prepared topics for colleagues such as Mindfulness, Life has an end and a beginning, Voice to harmony and inner strength and an art workshop. The whole meeting was very enriching not only in its content but also in the sharing and time spent together. And it is exactly this experience that we would now like to offer to a wider audience.

Duhovka has many experts and inspiring personalities in its community, and we hope that you will enjoy the EDU evenings and that they will become a regular part of Duhovka's life. 

Our first EDU evening in the FALL is coming up on 22 November 2023 at 6pm at the Elementary School and the following link will give you the information you need about each topic and how to register. We will be glad if you come to the event and invite your relatives, friends, teachers. Everyone who might find the topics .

Price: 950,- CZK.

It is possible that this date is not convenient for you or there is some conflicts in calendar, no worries. We are already planning the next EDU evenings for January, March and May. We will inform you about the dates and the programme soon.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

CHoose one of the topics and sign up here